The YogaClassplan application supports most popular browsers on both desktop and mobile tablet devices. However there are a few browsers we recommend that work better. Also, if you are experiencing problems or strange behaviour of the application we would recommend you first try using one of the recommended browsers to see if that solves the problems you are experiencing.

Desktop / Laptop

The application works best with the following browsers/operating systems:

Operating System Browser Version

OSX 10.5+



Safari 5+
Firefox 10+
Chrome 12+

Windows XP/Vista/7/8    



Safari 5+
Firefox 10+
Chrome 12+
Internet Explorer    8+ 

The following browsers work, however some users have experience problems with them in the past, so they are not recommended:

Operating System    Browser Version
Windows  Internet Explorer    < 8

Tablet / Mobile Devices

The application has been tested on, and we guarantee it works best with the following mobile browsers:
(it may work properly on older or different versions too, however this has not been tested)

Device / Operating System Browser Tested Version
iPad 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Mini / iOS 6.0    Safari  n/a 



Android Native browser    4.1.2 
Firefox 23.0 

The application works, however some glitches have been reported on Android Chrome (version 28)

The application does not work on Android Opera Mini browser (tested version 7.5.3)




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