How Do I Cancel Through PayPal

If your subscription is set up through Paypal you can always cancel your subscription using the steps below, directly on the Paypal website:

  • Log into your Paypal account
  • Once logged in, go to your Subscription settings. The following link should directly get you there:
  • Find and click on the entry for "YCP Online Classplan Inc.", it should show an Active status if your subscription is currently active...


  • You are now on the details screen. Please note that under the Billing Details section you can see your "Next payment due" date. You will still have access to the software until this date, even if you cancel your subscription.

    Next, to continue the cancellation process, click on the Cancel link on the detail screen...


  • And finally confirm...

Your subscription will now be cancelled, and your access to the software will stop on the next payment due date.

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