On the iPad, when you select the Print/Download function on Screen_Shot_2013-09-01_at_12.46.15_PM.pngthe YogaClassplan application a new tab will open in Safari with a PDF view of your classplan, however downloading and saving a printed classplan as a PDF is not something that can be done out of the box. There is however a fairly easy way to provide this functionality.




First, you will need to download an application from the Apple Store on your iPad that supports the saving of PDF files. A free one by apple is called iBooks, and there is also a good one available for purchase called Good Reader.

After you have installed one of these PDF readers, when you Print/Download a classplan again in Safari, after this PDF opens in a new tab, you will now see an option to open in your new reader, for example like this:



The details on how to use iBooks or Good Reader are beyond the scope of this FAQ, however we hope that this should get you in the right direction on how to use the printed versions of your classplans on an iPad.


Further links and information:

iBooks Frequently Asked Questions

GoodReader User Manual




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