Often it is quicker to search a pose by entering the name of the pose or part of it. The Yoga Classplanner has a way to quickly search and add by name.

Once you get used to it, this will become a key tool to be able to create a Yoga Classplan even faster.

To use this option, make sure you are in the Edit Class Plans mode, and you have a blank or partially created classplan canvas in front of you:


Now right click on the empty space in the canvas, an option will appear to allow you to add a pose to the end of the classplan:


Select this option, and you will get a popup. You can now start typing any part of the pose you are looking for - either using the English or the Sanskrit name. Suggestions will show, and you can then pick what you need from the list of suggestions.

You can either use your mouse or your keyboard to browse through the list and select.





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