The "Search Class Plans" tab gives a lot of flexibility in searching for poses. Below is a capture of a sample of a search for class plans.

This is a sample search that includes found class plans shared by other teachers (those are displayed as orange and italics ). Something you probably only want when you are looking for inspiration from other teachers.

However, if you are looking for one of your own class plans, make sure the option "Include shared Class Plans from other users" is not checked. That should narrow down the list significantly.

Next thing to know is that the results are returned with the most recently updated class plans towards the top, so if you are looking for something you recently worked on, it's going to be towards the top of the list.

If you still have a fairly substantial list of class plans that are returned, and trouble finding the class plan you are looking for, use one of the other options to narrow down the list and click "Find Class Plans" again. You can use a single key word that may appear in your class, or if you remember, the duration, or the level of the class.





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